spring decorating

Because, you know, spring cleaning is overrated. Ryan and I are fortunate enough to already know where we'll be living next year, so I have a bit more space to breathe and not worry about apartment hunting in this crazy season. I'll be moving into his place come September, so I've got plenty of time to turn his man cave into a bright, beautiful space that we can share!

No one is surprised that design spills over into every area of my life. As I begin to think about decorating our future home, I'm considering every corner of our new life together.

Mine and Ryan's first investment in our apartment was an adorable bar cart (Plum & Bow from Urban Outfitters) that we scored for a fraction of the price on Craigslist. I immediately knew exactly where to turn for styling tips! I've been super inspired lately by the blog A Fabulous Fete, run by Lauren Saylor - it's a gorgeous database filled with fresh flowers, wine, and entertaining tips, as well as her famous hand lettering. Below is my take on a Spring cart....loads of pink to go with all the Rose and lemonade we'll be drinking, our J monogram glasses, rose gold everything and of course fresh flowers from the market!

I'm excited to mix it up with new ingredients depending on what we're in the mood for. It's not super gender neutral (sorry babe) so we may need to do a whiskey themed cart next. 

I'm excited to get some friends over asap and make good use of the cart! 

xoxo, M