Copper Clothes Rack DIY

It all started when I was on Pinterest, and what did I stumble upon but the most beautiful garment rack in all the land. It was from UO, duh. The problem? It was priced at over four hundred dollars.

But would you just look at it? I mean really. It was so wonderful I briefly, briefly considered checking my bank account to see if I could swing it. Naturally, as a recent college grad living in what I call the "hobbit hole" my fate was quickly decided. Read: no money and no space. 

This story takes an interesting turn nearly three months later when I'm wandering Target by myself (big mistake), taking my time perusing the furniture section because of all the space we established I have - and I spotted a clothes rack for a mere $20.

Now, I was smart enough to realize that it was probably a piece of crap. But I'm in it more for the decor aspect, see. I also really like pre-planning my work outfits. So I figured the plastic and metal would safely hold a few items.

Target's website accurately shows the max number of clothing articles you should probably put on there. If you read the comments/reviews, you'll see what I mean. But, seeming to fit my needs, and having nothing greater to lose than $20 (which I honestly probably spend on coffee per week anyways), I bought the thing.

At which point we raise the obvious concern - it looks nothing like the beautiful, flawless UO piece. That is not fit for a hipster home, that is garbage, you say. 

You would be right. But. The crafter in me saw an opportunity. 

I had been at Blick a few days prior (also dangerous for me to go alone to) and spotted a pretty little can of copper metallic spray paint. 

Only 8.99 people! I also picked up a new paintbrush while I was there, because paintbrushes. This stuff is fully dry within two hours, and doesn't need a top coat. I took it outside, cut up some leftover paper bags to lay down on the dirt, and pulled out the nasty black plastic pieces to get to work. 

Some of the pipes I didn't fully coat, figuring it would look cool if it looked a little weathered and not SO shiny - the paint is crazy reflective. But don't they look like real metal? You would never know. After everything dried I put it together in 10 minutes tops - no tools required. I can craft but I can't build, so Room Essentials gets points on that end, even if it is a little flimsy. But hey, we knew that going in!

The final touch was taking a piece of wood leftover from another project (probably only $2 max) and making a shelf at the bottom.

So basically $35 and just a few hours later, I've got myself a compact, rolling, easily disassembled, storable, beautiful clothes rack for a fraction of what Urban would have me spend. Is it quite as amazing? No. But am I happy? You bet. And I never would have fit the UO one in my tiny apartment.