The Wonderlust Project | 7

This week is simply merging with the last, the to-do list growing longer and my feet never slowing. I sat down today exhausted and finished a book so that I could cross it off my list. I cried over the words because they were exactly what my dry soul needed.

I feel as though I have come to a point in this project where there are too many direction signs pointing every which way and contradicting each other. I have in my mind this tangled mess of paths, any number of which I could start down, but they are all so large and uninviting. 

I knew this would happen, it always does. I think we all have a tendency to start projects with great amounts of energy and stamina, only to hit a wall and stumble around, lost and confused. 

The topics of beauty and art and the meaning of life all wrapped up together is... so much. I did start what I last wrote I would do, taking a phrase and drawing it to better reflect and meditate on it. I chose one of my favorites, one that I often quote but rarely dwell on. 

"Wherever you are, be all there." Jim Elliot, a missionary to Ecuador, was one smart man. As I sat there writing it out, I thought about his life. What this statement meant to him. He died pursuing the hearts of a wild tribe in the middle of the rainforest. I walked the same jungle just last year. He was so incredibly present for those people, and gave his life so that they might know the gospel. 

So I ask myself, what am I deeply invested in? I layered the text over a photo I snapped of the golden gate last weekend, drenched in fog. So often my feet are present in a place but my mind is drifting somewhere far away. This city is where I am. How am I going to be all there? 

This project is about figuring out my place as a designer. How I most effectively communicate life and light to the piece of land I stand on and the people therein. 

I think presence has a lot to do with beauty. What is beauty unless it is shared? Someone has to appreciate it. I think God created beauty to delight us, to delight in us. You have to be all invested in a moment, in someone, in something, to fully appreciate the worth, the value, the beauty of it. Wherever you are, be all there. 

Being a better designer means being alert, present, attentive, detail-oriented. It means I actively seek to better appreciate and then show beauty. 

What does being all there look like for you? I'd love to know. #thewonderlustproject

Let's pick one of these other tangled paths and follow it - because being here means pursuing this goal until the end.