a hilltop fairytale

i so enjoy getting my hands into other art-forms besides design, photography being one of my favorites. i'm not a photographer, but i'm definitely a friend and smile-maker - so when the phone rang and it was david with the giddiest laugh telling me he was proposing to the girl of his dreams... how could i say no? the plan involved me lying through my teeth all day to my sweet kate, asking her to model for me, but really driving her out to a little hilltop in cambria where the 360 view of the sea and setting sun would provide the backdrop for david to ask her to be his bride. she and i chatted and giggled like little girls about the future while we drove. she knew it would be soon, and we squealed in excitement about the day it would happen. it was so easy to pretend to dream with her even though i knew the moment was minutes away. 

we slowly made our way down the path, pausing to snap shots of kate's hair blowing in the wind. she's a natural model so the plan made perfect sense but i still was practically shaking for fear she had realized what was happening by now. we started up the hill. i made her walk ahead of me, dropping the fake props i had brought on the path so i could have my hands free to shoot the next few moments. she didn't notice. I told her to stand in the middle of the hilltop, and starting snapping away - she didn't see david behind her until he slowly said "hey, kate..." the camera got soaked as I backed away, letting them have their moment. my favorite part of the day was when she put all the pieces together and yelled at me "wait a MINUTE!" yes kate, i did fool you, but i hope it was worth it. so much love for both of you, and best wishes.