The Wonderlust Project | 10

If you couldn't already tell, I'm very (very) impacted by books that I read. I know you can't always believe everything you read, but there are quite a few wise people out there in the world. And they sometimes write some life-changing words.

It was really compelling to read about how using the written word effectively can further the kingdom in Piper's book Seeing and Saying Beautifully. It was also great discovering the connections between joy, gratitude, grace, and beauty from reading Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts. And now, I feel like I'm stumbling upon my creative purpose, both present and eternal, from a massive tome by Randy Alcorn. Heaven.  

You may or may not be thinking, why would she read a book on heaven when she's trying to seek the meaning of beauty and discover her place as a creative on earth? Well. Good thing I'll tell you how I arrived here regardless. Wouldn't it make sense that if earth is but a shadow of what's to come, heaven would be far more beautiful than we can imagine? It's a perfect place made just for us - and it's promised to be astounding beyond what our little minds could ever dream up. I'm also going to be there quite a bit longer than my stay here. Earth time is the blink of an eye, really. And the best part about what I'm learning about heaven is that instead of being this magical place where we float on clouds and do nothing forever...

we'll be having greater adventures than this world has ever seen. 

we'll be learning more about the new earth and the God who sustains it than we glimpse now.  

we'll still be using our gifts to serve the King. 

read: I can literally design for God. In a resurrected body, with unknown strength, with sin and imperfection washed away - I can create things side by side with my Creator. How has this never occured to me? It is so incredibly true that a lot of Christians talk about having a "heavenly mindset" but never live in tangible excitement about the amazing life that's yet to come. 

I've been so intent to discover what I can do right now that I never longed for things to come. And while I should definitely be doing things in the here and now to serve my King, I'm going to spend a lot more time imagining a place where my eyes will be fully opened.  

Dwelling on eternity brings so much more meaning and worth to what I create here and now. 


"To see God's face is to behold his beauty, which is the source of all lesser beauties" - Randy Alcorn